Just because you don’t drive downtown, doesn’t mean you have to act like it.

The circus is in town! YAY! Aren’t we all excited. We watch from our office windows as elephant rears poke out of tents in the parking lot behind the Van Andel. The tigers are here, great! People are milling around… people who typically wouldn’t be caught dead downtown are SLOOOOWLY milling around. That’s where the other side of this story starts.

I am pulling out of my parking lot thinking of two things, 1. I need to get home quickly so I better hop on the freeway and get the hell out of here. 2. There are people everywhere not watching where they’re strolling – walking right in front of my car. Try not to hit them, they’ll make my insurance go up. ugh.

I start to pull out and have my left turn signal on, oh but wait, can’t turn, there are two mini vans nose to tail waiting to pull into the parking lot. Blocking EVERYONE, me, the cars across the street hoping to turn onto Oaks. People on Oaks can’t go either, the powder blue van and maroon van have caused gird lock in ALL directions. With calm faces they wait, and sit and wait some more until the car in front of them pays their fee to enter. Can we get a traffic cop over here?

So I curse and mutter and do my angry flailing of my arms and proceed to turn right instead. Sitting behind a gentleman insisting on going UNDER the 25 mph speed limit. I could walk home faster. ugh.

But when forced to take the “scenic” route does have its upside. I ended up seeing some new ArtPrize entries along the way, I took a route that I don’t use very often. And I also had the opportunity of cursing at the usual downtown drivers who just weren’t going as “efficiently.”

To all the out-of-town-circus goers… my dendrites thank you.


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