Arriving at the Cottage in Traverse City

Any road trip warrants a hardy meal along the way. Our pit stop was in Mannestee at Mancino’s. That food brings back so many memories, this being one of our favorite college hangouts. Though I couldn’t remember what I would normally order the flavor of the mayo, ham, bacon and crispy bread mixing with melting cheese, shredded lettuce and tomato really hit the spot. Delightful road trip meal, thank you Mancino’s.

We were now back on the road enjoying the sights of small towns along our route, and before we knew it we were seeing the bustling roads and stores of Traverse City. Exotic stores like Old Navy, Best Buy, Meijer and at the top of the hill Great Wolf Lodge. We could now begin the vacation.

Until we learned that the Tom Tom failed us ever so slightly.

Trying to find the house wasn’t so easy, apparently the address the Tom Tom found was a vacant lot. This would be a problem as we hasn’t brought any camping gear… so we kept driving along the road until Adam made a sudden and sharp turn. Ah yes, we had arrived at the proper spot and thankfully this one had a house on the property. We were off to a good start.

Our view of Grand Traverse Bay upon arrival.

The Bohannon’s summer cottage is actually a tastefully appointed 3-bedroom home with an exposed basement facing Grand Traverse Bay. This would be our home for the next four days and three nights. Oh happy day.

Believe it or not this was the first time I didn’t over plan something. Truly this is an amazing feat. I tend to plan down to the minute. It renders me exhausted but each day is packed full with fun things to do, even if it kills us. Not this time. Adam asked what we wanted to do (by now it was 3PM) and I said I had no idea. With two ice-cold drinks in hand we retreated to the upstairs balcony and plopped down on a couple of chairs to enjoy the sights of the bay. It was the perfect place to lose yourself in thought.

Cue the misting rain and wind.

I shut off my brain, enjoyed the view and ignored the weather.

Within five minutes I enjoyed the weather enough and wanted to get back inside. Let’s hope the rest of our vacation won’t be drenched in mist and hit by strong winds.

We chose to head to the quaint downtown area where we could pop in and out of stores and warm back up. With two hot lattes in hand we started strolling, buttoning up coats and pulling hoodies over our heads as we walked down the street.  Found myself starting to relax, finding lots of cute “must-haves”. Let just say I am happiest when I find a good deal and therefore finding me shopping is finding me at my happiest. See how that works.

Adam enjoying the thoughts of his "nothing" box.

After we finished exploring the town we had made plans to meet up with Tara and Bobby ay Poppycocks. Somehow it was 7:30PM. Vacation time always seems to fly faster than work time, cleaning-the-house time, running-errands time, and poop-scooping time.


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