Poppycock’s of Traverse City? Yes! Let’s Eat.

We ended up at the much-anticipated Poppycock’s, which Tara and Bobby both swore by this restaurant and said it would be worth it for our food-snob palettes to experience their fare. The food was amazing, the atmosphere was cozy and intimate, the waitress was… horrible. Time stands still with my stomach demands a feeding. We received our waters. Ten minutes went by, our waitress returned and asked if we would like other drinks. Why, yes, yes we did. This is the first time I experienced Good Harbor Late Harvest Riesling. Oh blessed elixir of the Gods! Yes, it was that good. We sat and chatted, we sat and became hungrier. My stomach became impatient. Tara was ready to walk up to any of the wait staff and ask for our food order to get placed. Our waitress was failing us quickly. Forty minutes escaped and still no waitress. She finally appeared back at our table and blurted out, “I just was yelled at.” “Oh sweetheart,” I thought, “I am about to chew you out too.” But then remembered that we might be rewarded with a tampering of our meals. So instead I smiled politely, “we’re ready to order.”

The wait was long, but they food lived up to my snobbish expectations. I requested the portabella stack. Three slices of portabella covered with creamy tomato sauce, feta cheese crumbles, kalmata olives and seasonal vegetables. I memorized the meal and intend of making it at home sometime. I retell my stories by the meals I enjoy and apparently by the weather we experience. It’s how I roll.

Anyway, back to the house.

Apparently we would need to go back to Poppycock’s as we forgot to buy our gift certificate. We are awesome.

Now, cue the misting and the high winds.

They boys wanted to build a fire, but it was too windy. Off we went to enjoy the flat screen with additional drinks. I love this place!



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