Two Lads and a Jolly Pumpking Later.

The next stop along our trip was 2 Lads.

Three words to describe 2 Lads. Swanky, stylish, modern. And amazing, but that would make it four words, so we’ll keep that one out. Two Lads hasn’t been around too long, only about three years. The first year they weren’t completely operational and only ran a few small batches. As luck would have it their winery became an overnight success and they ran out of their stock by mid season. But 2 Lads was smart. They stayed open for food tastings and to educate people about their product though they had nothing else to sell. And this cemented their foundation.

We tried three wines here while we enjoyed the rain-splattered landscape. Though Adam and I didn’t purchase wine, we made up for it with our swanky hat and t-shirt. We are such suckers for good marketing. Yay for souvenirs.

Before we got a little over zealous with our wine samples it was time to stop in at the Jolly Pumpkin for a little lunch and a little haunting. If you know me at all you know that I love, LOVE ghost stories and haunting. Oh don’t get me wrong, they scare the crap out of me, but that doesn’t matter they make my heart race and on more than one occasion I have mistakenly screamed bloody murder. So of course I was excited when Tara told me that Bower’s Harbor is haunted by a mischievous ghost named Genevive Stickney.

If you haven’t been to Bower’s Harbor Inn/ Jolly Pumpkin, please ADD IT TO YOU NEXT TRIP. The atmosphere is welcoming, the food is fantastic and the upstairs ladies bathroom is haunted.

Waiting for a third party visitor.

When we arrived we definitely were going to wait for a table. Within a few minutes Tara and I needed to “use the bathroom” so off we went with cameras in hand. Tara explained to me that pictures generally don’t turn out in the bathroom if Genevive is in a haunting mood. With hearts pounding we made our way to the restroom. First a waiting area and then the bathrooms themselves. So far so good. We quickly took some shots… sadly both turned out. I tried to snap a shot of the bathroom itself, no success. No orbs, no blue light, not lights flickering, no doors slamming and therefore no Caroline screaming. Slightly defeated we left this haunted area and after a quick trip to look at photos in the hallway we made it back to our waiting line.

I love when restaurants offers bread or some other tasty snack while we wait for our main meal. It practically makes me grin ear to ear. This time we tried homemade kettle fries dusted with cumin and other curry-like flavors. I would normally not order something like this (no idea why but Indian food is not my strong suite.) The chips were great and the sandwich was delish. We started to plot our next stop along the route. We only had a few more hours before our next stop. Are you kidding? Nope, we were “marathoning” through and had no time to waste.

Before we leave the Jolly Pumpkin and its rich history I’d like to mention one more thing…I’ve realized a few things with vacation Caroline. She is much less angry, much less vengeful, much more relaxed and oh, wait a minute, friendly? Could she be friendly? Yes, vacations make me happy, but so does shopping. So it wasn’t surprising that next thing you know I was grabbing a souvenir “Siren” t-shirt off their shelves. Even if Genevive decided not to scare me half to death, I was going to get my own momento. Speaking of which people at work think she is a Viking and some think she is a cowgirl. Ok fine, whatever. It’s a pretty sweet shirt.


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