Wine Tastings, Lighthouses, and Mother Nature.

Adam and I enjoy wine, we don’t know too much about it but we do buy it on a regular basis. If you are a wine enthusiast, hearing the words “wine tastings” is like telling a kid that he is going to Disney World. Oh happy day, we were going to the Old Mission Peninsula to explore the wineries.  I was a little intimidated with the thought of us “marathoning” through seven wineries. Would I need to be carried to the car by the end of the day?

Right at 10:30AM we were packed into the jeep and heading toward the peninsula. Our first stop:

For those of you who aren’t familiar with wine tastings the journey begins with dry, sparking wines, you work your way through dry whites, semi-sweets, and sweet whites like Riesling. Same goes for the reds, from dry to sweet. And you have the option of wrapping up the tasting with a dessert wine.

Our first stop was Blackstar Farms.

We stepped right up and began the wine exploration. We chose between 10 different types and have the option of selecting five – plus this one gave me a souvenir glass and let’s face it who doesn’t love a useful souvenir like this one. To wrap up Blackstar Farms. I chose a raspberry dessert wine and lucky me I received a mighty tasty truffle. I was the only one to choose it so everyone else watched with their mouths watering. Success!

On a side note, I love to people watch. And naturally we spotted an interesting couple who also came to Blackstar on that fateful day. Both looked “well-to-do” but as I like to call it, “disheveled,” no, “impressively, disheveled.” The gentleman was sporting a pronounced alfalfa. And the lady though, she was showing off what she had, did have a wardrobe malfunction and let’s just say one severely stretched button hole was keeping her from showing the entire tasting room her own goods. Tara felt the need to tell her that she needed to button up a bit more, and at this point I thought that was a great idea (what? I didn’t have to do it and I was still enjoying my samples.) so we debated for a bit and realized a few minutes later that she fixed the problem on her own – with or without outside assistance.

Tara is an expert wine taster. In other words no one will need to be carried off drunk to the car on her watch. So we decided to take a quick break and drive up to the tip of Old Mission Peninsula (the peninsula from start to finish is about 18 miles long. Plenty of time to sober up and enjoy the scenery.)

Let’s cue Mother Nature’s wrath at this point.

She and I have a love/ hate relationship. This year she treated our garden well and our tomato plants thrived (I’ll be posting about tall people growing tall tomatoes soon). But with all love come consequences. She unleashed a downpour while in TC. And on the last day-and-a-half gave us love with bright sun and calm winds. But I am getting ahead of myself.

We made our way up the peninsula, rain-soaked vineyards covered the landscape. So why are we heading to the tip to go to a lighthouse in this weather?… let’s hope it would clear up before we go there. But it didn’t. The rain and wind picked up and it made keeping our eyes open to enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty damn near impossible. We withstood the wind long enough to run in front of the lighthouse, pose for a picture while holding down our hats or hair and then run back to the car.

After this experience we realized we needed a warm up. And the only cure was another wine tasting.


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