Going against all Holiday logic.

As an only child I have rules, laws and other things to keep my life in complete order at all times. One of the rules is that you enjoy the holiday at hand, you do not start celebrating early. For example, when celebrating Halloween, you wouldn’t be pulling out the ceramic turkeys, pilgrim decor or other “tchotckies.”
Same goes with Thanksgiving, it’s like the step child of the holiday world. It’s not as popular with the kiddies at Halloween and it is always overshadowed by the Colossal Christmas.

We abstain from acknowledging the impending Christmas holiday until December 1st. So why are we so stern? My Dad’s birthday is November 30th, and we have to finish celebrating that special day before the tinsel and the angel every make it out

Stocking #1

of the box. Save for watching the movie Elf. That movie should be thoroughly enjoyed and quoted year long.

But tonight was a different situation. I broke an important rule. I went to Target on a whim and I *gulp* bought some impulse holiday stuff. I almost feel like I am a teen who just bought her first pack of cigarettes, bad, bad, very bad. I walked in to get a baby gift bag and walked out with a tinsel star and two stockings. Seriously? what happened to my universe, what happened to my order? What am I even walking down the holiday aisles, what is wrong with this picture?! Am I filling some sort of holiday void?

Stocking #2

I am becoming one of those people, and you know who you are, one of those caroling in September, sugar-cookie baking in October, Christmas-light-exterior-home-decorating in November, taking-the-tree-down-on-December-26th weirdo!

So I have two options,  #1. I can continue freaking out (which I do oh so well.) or #2. I could pack those offending holiday items away until December 1st and pretend like nothing ever happened… so what will I do? I think I’ll choose #1. At least for the rest of the evening.


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