Taking a Peek at Wee Ramseyer

I have to say that so far this whole pregnancy thing has been pretty good. The nausea has left (thank you week 13), the appetite is escalating (hello empty fridge), I still fit into most of my clothes (not for long) and most of the time I look “full” not pregnant. (I have one ddm co-worker to thank for that precious comment.) Granted, all this will change, I will eventually join the ranks of women who don’t sleep through the night, who will have to find *gasp* “panel” pants that are long enough and survive some uninvited Buddah belly rubs. I will take it in stride and swat away hands as necessary.

Today was an important day in this pregnancy journey. Today Admo and I found ourselves together at our first official ultrasound. Depending on the shyness of our wee Ramseyer we would learn if we were having a baby linebacker or a baby frilly pretty pink princess.

As we’ve seen in many movies, we found ourselves in a small exam room, ultrasound machine and stomach goo all cued up for the big reveal. Our moment to shine.

Politely the tech asked if we wanted to learn if we were having a boy or a girl. We said, yes, however, we wanted to be like those annoying romantic comedies where the couple has the results written down on a piece of paper, stuffed into an opaque envelope, put under lock and key and saved for a special date in the future. Our magical reveal date is Wednesday, May 25th barely over 24 hours from the ultrasound.

So the exam went on without a hitch, we learned our child has a good looking brain (who knew brains could be so darn good looking.) We learned our child is digesting (yay for stomachs and healthy appetites), we noticed our child comes equipped with a pair of hands and a pair of feet. Both complete with phalanges. Another good sign. Two sides to the heart, check. Strong heartbeat, check, eye sockets, 2 of them, check. Spine, yes! Got one of those and it’s looking good. The checklist was worked through and we learned that we are the future parental owners of a large/tall baby. Not shocking, somewhat expected.

And baby complied, it was a “flasher” as our tech remarked, clearly taking after Adam’s secure, in-front-of-people-on-stage-performer personality. Without shame or shyness it showed the tech what she needed for a gender confirmation. It was promptly written on a picture and put int our little envelope. Sealed and transferred directly to Adam’s pocket (he didn’t trust me… I don’t blame him.)

All in all I rate the experience pretty high up in the out-of-body-this-cannot-be-happening-to-me experiences. We were watching our child squirm and stretch on screen and yet it felt like we were watching a movie, starring someone who happens to have our profile and our unique mix of genes. We left smiling armed with a row of wallet-sized scans of various baby parts, waving hands, alien baby face, rump, spine, the works – proof that this child is ours. They don’t let you leave with another family’s ultrasounds.

We may not be mushy, gushy, tears-welling-up-special-moment type people, but we are thoroughly looking forward to finding out who is lurking in my uterus. And we are definitely enjoying this experience day by day and week by week. In case you were wondering, I believe we are having a boy, the Chinese gender chart and 9 of 10 prediction quizzes simply cannot be wrong. But we will see after work on Wednesday, May 25th.

Stay tuned, we just might share with you.


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