And for the Envelope Please….

There is no denying it, our fate is sealed… we are having a boy. Our child was described as a “flasher” by the ultrasound tech so there was no denying what equipment was present on her screen. Though she kept the sex from us per our original request, though she had no trouble identifying what is currently floating around in my uterus. We are having a boy, a little linebacker, or defensive tackle or a little pirate or boy scout or fire fighter… or other things I know nothing about, but will have to learn.

Wee Ramseyer at 20 weeks - 5.24.11

After coming home last night after work Adam and I quickly regrouped in our living room. It was time for the reveal. We waited over 24 hours which was quite impressive. I calmly waited for him to produce the hidden envelope with the results. He pulled it off the mantel right in front of my nose. Awesome never spotted it. So there we stood in the center of the room – my stomach rumbling, my hands shaking and my eyes blinking quickly. Why am I so nervous? I know it’s going to be a boy, a trusted online gender chart has told me so, as have 9 of 10 gender predictor quizzes I took online one night. Mother Nature and the Internet have worked as a cohesive force to create a baby boy in that uterus. I knew it. And now it was time to find out.

We pull out the ultrasound and *gasp* I was correct! With large block letters we read the headline “ITS A BOY” circled on this blurry scan was a tiny gray mass, pointing to it was a large arrow. Okay, okay we get it we are having a boy and it has tiny junk. I’m adjusting to the idea of becoming the mother of a son. It sounds weird as I roll those words around on my tongue, “son”, “my little boy”, “my little man”, “mini Adam”…. yeah I can get used to this. So we won’t have frilly pink tutus (unless he chooses those on his own.) But we will have pirates and astronauts, dinosaurs and Legos. We’ll have Boy Scouts, we’ll have scary monsters and rough housing. All of which are pretty darn awesome things. Most importantly, I will have another yard helper/ lawn mower (I am already reviewing child-sized toy mowers to buy for Adam Jr.)

It may take some time to adjust to this idea, but I love this idea. I am having a son, a real person, not just a little random growth in me, but a real human, who will someday have a name and a personality (hopefully as cynical and sarcastic as his mom.) So now begins the fun stuff, planning for a boy, dreaming of a son, getting to know this little guy.

Bring it on kiddo, you have no idea the wild ride you are in for… just like we don’t know the wild ride we are in for. All three of us happily naive just yet.


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