How Our Quarterly Baby Became an ArtPrize Baby – Part 1

From the first day we found out that I was expecting a wee Ramseyer we knew that this baby would be arriving on 10/14/11. Which falls toward the end of my Quarterlies at work, a time when we all work late, eat takeout each night and work long hours. It’s tradition and it’s the reason I was originally hired at my company. So no wonder that my full expectation was that I would do my best to work this sacred time even if I was delivering soon after.

This entire pregnancy I tried not to let my physical shape and level of energy succumb to the nature effects of my condition. Meaning? I walked the dog as much as possible, I moved around a ton and I overdid things frequently. It’s how I rolled (almost literally toward the end.) Strangers would act surprised when I would tell them with confidence that my baby was due mid October and here I was a few weeks out enjoying long walks and lots of activities.

Mom and the 360 degree GR photo at the DeVos Center

Not surprising either that when my mom came to visit on Friday September 23rd, I made sure our schedule was filled with lots of activities and fun ArtPrize venues. She hadn’t been to the downtown area in many years and this was the best opportunity for her to see how the place had changed and enjoy some art in the meantime. Saturday we walked around for 6 hours. Yes, we overdid it, we could barely stand on our sore feet, but we braved the crowds and saw the GRAM, the Public Museum and all three of the hotels downtown, each sporting impressive amounts of art. We decided to save the DeVos Center and the B.O.B. for another day.

One of the ArtPrize entries at the DeVos Center

Monday rolled around and my mom debated returning home to Warren. I persuaded her to remain because I had more “ArtPrizing” I wanted to do with her and so she agreed… by 7:00pm we were headed back to the city center. We parked underneath the DeVos Center and began our second evening or artistic immersion. At some point we ran into a friend of mine who I used to work with. We chatted about me wanting to work right up until “the day,” little did I know how close I was…

The evening wore on and we weaved our way through the DeVos center questioning some of the pieces, while chatting it up with the artists of other works. i felt fine, in fact I felt great. With the DeVos behind us I had further stops on our agenda. That included the Ford Presidential Museum lawn and the B.O.B. What were we doing after? oh heading to Alpine for a Starbucks coffee. Like I said I had big plans.

Let’s cut now to the B.O.B. we wove our way through the main floor and the basement where we discovered an artist who paints faces of the elderly, she then interviews them and writes the stories of their lives within their wrinkles. Wish she had made it into the Top Ten.  Rushing on we headed to the 2nd floor my mom complaining that she could hardly keep up. 🙂 We round the corner up the steps to the second floor and I veer for the ladies room. This is not right, we just stopped in a rest room at the Marriott and there is no chance that a mere 10 minutes later my bladder would be battered enough by Hercules to require another pit stop. Oh… there that feeling is again, and again and again… nope don’t need to pee, I believe my water just broke and I am at the B.O.B. with my mom… don’t panic just go to the rest room and double check. I joked about him coming 10/4/11… it’s 9/26/11. I’m usually late to things, there is no way Herc is early. But here we were at the B.O.B. needing to head home and my car was parked 1 mile away. I would need to make my way across downtown with my water breaking before it was too late.

the evening sky the night of Henry's birth.


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