The ying and yang of parenting.

Life isn’t perfect and neither is parenting. A revered co-worker of mine once said, “You and Cookie (Adam) have a good thing going on.” And you know what, he was completely and absolutely right. Where one of us runs short the other gracefully picks up. This cannot be more apparent than this morning.

Cue the scene!

6:43 – [insert nasty croupy cough coming from Henry’s room.] Yes since my last post we had a baby and now he is 2 years old, cut me some slack I’ve been busy. Okay back to the croupy cough…

6:44 – My first reaction, panic. Not because Henry is coughing and wheezing, oh no. My first thought is, “dear Lord, this is Quarterlies week.” A week at work where my team works late and proofs and doesn’t see family hardly at all. And here my one and only mini man is sick.

6:45 – 8:00 – Adam to the rescue!

Where I fell flat of my face and panicked, to the point that I didn’t know what to do, should I go to H’s room, start getting ready, fret some more (I am really good at fretting), Adam gracefully steps in and takes control of the situation.

This is what a super parent/ spouse does, he or she takes a bad situation and makes the lesser parent (that day) function again.

In this case he took Henry outside so the mini man could start to breathe properly and calm his cough. He called into work so he could tend our little patient today. He reminded me that I still had to go to work and function, encouraged me, if need be, to work late so I didn’t let anyone down at work. He called daycare to let them know that our awesome kid would not be coming in, set up an appointment with the doctor’s office, cleared off the car so I could get to work on time, transferred parking cards, and brewed coffee for me for the ride in.

End scene.

What did I do? I fretted while getting ready and balanced that against a heavy layer of guilt. That is what I contributed. That and a profuse series of thank yous that I kept uttering like a bumbling idiot who only knows two words.

Since this post, Adam shared a video of Henry bouncing around on the couch. Full of energy, allowing BOTH of us to feel like chumps, the temporarily lesser parent and the hero.

Long live the gentle balance of parenting!


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