Consolation-Prize Parent

Since Henry was born I have been a favorite parent. I don’t say this to be egocentric. But it makes sense. He and I bonded during our maternity leave, for a while he depended on only me for food. Though Adam and I shared parenting responsibilities he definitely had a preference… his Mama.

And so for the first two years this conversation was a fairly common one:

Where is Mama?SAM_3325
At work.
Sorry buddy, she is working right now.
[insert angry crying and mumbles…]
Where is Mama?
At work.

On and on it would go.

He would request me for our nighttime reading ritual. Then he would wave good-bye to Dada if Mama was the evening book reader. Or he’d cry and cling to me if it was Dada’s turn.

He would throw a fit when I couldn’t hold him because I had to make dinner, or pack up the car, or get the laundry. His face lit up when I would enter the room. Though having someone that dependent on you can be a bit much at times, I thrived on it. I love having a little fan, I love having someone who thinks I am quite possibly the best thing since sliced bread (even if he didn’t have teeth to chew it with at the time.)

But in the last two weeks the tables have turned and drastically I might add. Now it’s all about Dada.

SAM_3332Where is Dada?At work.
[insert angry cries and mumbles…]
Where is Dada?
At work…

That is definitely not awesome. Because on and on it goes.

I am not chop liver, Henry still loves me very much. I am not being ignored, he still loves to hang out with me and is still happy to see me…but our mini man has a clear and present preference, he wants his Dada and he loves him very much.

I am glad that Henry has such an awesome dad. I am thrilled that Adam takes such good care of our little guy. He plays games, does great with story time, uses funny voices to help Henry do what he should versus what he wants, the awesomeness list is long. I couldn’t be happier.

We both know that Henry will continue to grow and develop. He will continue to amaze us and he will continue to conquer milestones as he grows into a big kid. Which means his preferences for his “favorites,” whether one of us, a favorite book, food, a toy, a piece of clothing may continue to change. A fact of life.

In the meantime it will still take some time to get used to being the runner-up or the consolation-prize parent.


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