I am superhuman – my name is Mama

Ever feel like you should be wearing a superhero cape under the clothes? Yeah me too. We get up in the morning and take on the world. Whether we balance a life at home, at life at work, a life raising kids, a blend of all of those things or not, we try to be everything to everyone. I’d like to blame society, but I’m not entirely sure it’s the only thing to hold responsible. We want to be the best at everything, take on every challenge, conquer every challenge, but at what cost?

Because you see…   Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 12.46.25 AM

We are the kissers of boo boos
We are the organizers of book clubs
We are the walkers of dogs
We are the groomers of pets and kids alike
We are the soccer team cheer team
We are Pinterest dreamers
We are artists/writers/gardeners/gourmet chefs
We are problem solvers
We are relationship expertsScreen Shot 2014-03-15 at 12.45.04 AM
We are workplace project wranglers
We are wives, mothers, daughters sisters…

We are invincible!

Yet we are spread too thin. Raised in a competitive society the encourages to be winners. Feeling inadequate when compared to peers, growing resentful of those who aren’t pulled in every direction at every moment of the day.  Meanwhile those “perfect nemeses” might be struggling with the same issues, but happen to be a bit better at camouflage. When we get busy to the point of being mediocre of all instead of expert of a few things. We may feel like we are losing sight of yourself, your true self, the one you are when nothing else is demanding focus and attention.

It is time to reclaim this Self. Bit by bit, until a healthy balance is reached. It is time to reset.

For me it’s “alone” time (as an only child I revel in this). But alone time frequently results in chores, errands, and fixing things up while someone takes a nap or is at practice. What I am referring to is healing/reset time. Be it a mommy night out (more on this in my next post) or a couple of hours with a book at some point in the week. It’s time away from chores, obligations, or promises to others. We feel guilty taking time away from our various roles and we feel badly for being so selfish, but we need to STOP. It’s not healthy and it’s clouding the joys we normally experience in life.

I need to take my own advice:

What makes me happy?

What do I enjoy doing that I haven’t been able to do lately?

What can I reasonably accomplish during that mandatory “me” time?

Sometimes I have to schedule this precious time away, spontaneity goes out the window as responsibility grows. Don’t worry I won’t always be expected to take on the world. Life will balance out, but in the mean time I need to find balance by scheduling some time to reset. I will just make sure to pack my cape before I leave the house.


One thought on “I am superhuman – my name is Mama

  1. I love this! Just make sure you put that superhero cape away when you’re done, we don’t want anyone to trip on it 🙂 kidding!

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