Little Big Boy Beds and Other Things I’m Not Ready For

Our son is growing and he is thriving. He has the vocabulary of an older kid with an energy level to match. When he starts to tell you a story you have to pause and consider whether he is telling you something he heard in a book or if it really happened to him. He can tell you the letters of the words you are reading, he can ask fairly complex questions. He even has a nice little sense of humor (he’s picking up the sarcasm we are laying down at a young age.) It’s inevitable, he is growing and he isn’t a baby anymore.

After much debate, consideration and over thinking we updated our Mini’s crib to a “little big boy bed.” Henry coined the term himself. He hates change and when we were visiting family recently having him lay down at bedtime on a mat was a disaster – different sleeping arrangement, different room, different everything. Eventually having him knocking on the door of his bedroom at Babcia’s house asking for us to come back. Sigh. So needless to say we didn’t want to convert any of his sleeping arrangements to anything allowing him free reign of his room, a.k.a “I will never nap again.”

But growth continues and so does he readiness for a new bed. We poled him a few times, “are you ready for a big boy bed?” And each time we were met with “YESSSSSS.”


We took the plunge this weekend. Neither of us had to work. We didn’t have any family plans including leaving town or screwing around with nap times.  So with a mix of reluctance and some enthusiasm we converted his bed over to a toddler bed. You might be shaking your head thinking, “what is the big deal,Ramseyers?” but it is a big deal. It means that he no longer sleeps in a crib anywhere. That he can now get up and move about his room with his own two feet rather than waiting for one of us to rescue him from the confine of his crib.

Little big boy enjoying his "new" little big boy bed.

Little big boy enjoying his “new” little big boy bed.

So how did it go, you might wonder…

Great. We’ve had two nights where he was enthusiastic to go to bed, he stayed in bed and slept through the night. Looks like it was the right time for him to move on. With some encouragement we will eventually feel ready for him to grow up a bit too.

I am a realist so I thoroughly anticipate the novelty of the little big boy bed to wear off and going to bed will be met with the same level of whine and sass as before. But in the meantime we will enjoy any full nights we are afforded.

Next up?

Potty training. Yeah give me a minute to adjust to that thought.



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