The Saturday Morning Walk

I’ve talked about my Saturday morning walks with Maya before,  the ones where you stumble over an unexpected Pow Wow or witness a regatta. At this point in the year it’s cold enough that events are less likely so I feel more comfortable rolling out of bed and heading out.

This morning was no different,  but it was amazing.

Only the sound of my shoes beating on the pavement and Maya’s nails clicking along side me.  Our breath creating puffs as we pushed forward. That is when we came across some of nature’s finest work at sun rise.  It made the early morning timeframe and low temps worth it.

Riverside Park


















2 thoughts on “The Saturday Morning Walk

  1. Yep, definitely love the new layout. Showcases your beautiful images much better. These are so gorgeous and I bet they were only half as beautiful as being there.

  2. Coupled with the crisp morning air that bit into my lungs, it made for quite an impression. I didn’t even mind it being 34 degrees!

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