Fall, You are Dead to Me.

You read that correctly, fall was once my favorite season. I loved the changing colors of the trees, the slightly cooler weather that allowed me to bring out my 45+ scarfs and shawls once more. I loved going to football games. I loved my favorite fall-inspired coffee concoctions from national coffee chains that will remain unnamed.

I loved it so much that my husband and I were married in the fall.

Fall is dead to me.

I look at the window at my work and watch as fat snow flakes are dropping from the sky… today is Halloween. Today we will also have wind gusts up to 40 mph, and occasional snow. Oh yeah and it will feel like it’s in the 20s.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.39.59 PM

Fall is such a fleeting thing. It’s beautiful for about two weeks in our fine state of Michigan. Then it crumbles into a rainy, cold, worn down version of its former glorious self.

Winter about ruined me last year. I felt there would never be warmth and sunshine and *gasp* exposed elbows and knees. I cringe at the idea that we are headed into the same type of weather, (5 months worth) and that once again fall is short and ends so abruptly.

Tonight we are going trick or treating, with possible snow, and wind, and winter coats. We aren’t native to Northern Canada. We aren’t meant for this.


2 thoughts on “Fall, You are Dead to Me.

  1. I have been saying this about fall for YEARS now. In our Pinterest-saturated world where people post thousands of combinations of the same uniform of: jeans, cute boots, top, and scarf, it drives me crazy because we literally get the weather that is appropriate for that type of dress for about 30 seconds. Remember how it was 75 degrees on Monday? #puremichigan
    That said, we did have a few weeks of actual warm weather this fall, enough to where I feel ALMOST ready to brave the polar vortex for another year. That, and I’m really sick of pumpkin and am ready to move into peppermint mocha/make all the holiday things/get your ears ready for nonstop carols on the radio season.

    • They have those peppermint mocha/make all holiday things/get your ears ready for nonstop carols on the radio season in the south too, like the Carolinas… just thought I’d point that out.

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