We May Now Celebrate the Holidays

So many people decorate their houses for Christmas even before the Thanksgiving turkey is even cold. But we are of the firm belief that Christmas should be celebrated in December, after the Thanksgiving holiday, after elastic pants and extensive Black Friday discounts are experienced.

The main reason to wait to celebrate the Christmas season is my Dad’s birthday, which he celebrated on November 30. After that I felt we had wrapped up fall and could stare winter square in the face.

Therefore it is our pleasure to celebrate his special day today. Three years ago we started a tradition of picking out the most fragrant winter wreath to decorate his space. The whole family trudges out, some years in rain, other years in heavy snow. Today we are remembering my Dad with weather in the mid 50s. We love our Mitten State.

We are remembering him for the adventurer he was.
The story teller.
The world traveler.
The navigator.

But most importantly, the dziadek he would have been.
The wonderful dad he was.The amazing husband he was.

We remember his hilarious stories and adventures, we remember him for the kind-hearted, at times mischievous, person he was and will remain in our hearts.

Sto lat, Tatus!

Happy Birthday, DAD!


3 thoughts on “We May Now Celebrate the Holidays

  1. Beautiful remembrance! I love the tradition of getting a wreath to remember his love of the outdoors. We lost my grandpa on Thanksgiving Day this year and it’s still pretty raw for me, but I want to be thinking of ways to remember him on his birthday and on Thanksgiving next year.

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