I’ve temporarily inherited the appetite of a toddler.

I’ve heard many friends tell me over the years that though their subsequent pregnancies were similar the experience was still different and unique. I realize now that this is true. The cravings are still similar – my body has a physical revolt to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and sweet smell of wine or hop smell of beer. Sorry Starbucks and sorry wineries! I’m not worried my love for these vices will come back. I still love juicy fruits, but this time I much prefer a grapefruit over a melon – not that different I suppose. However, last time when I set my mind to a particular craving, I. HAD. TO. HAVE. IT. My relationship is “complicated.”

The Process.

  • I crave something.
  • Then I have to smell or think about it to make sure my brain and my stomach agree.
  • Afterward, I proceed to order it or cook it.
  • Once cooked or served, I have to make sure that it’s still sounding good to my brain 10 min. later.
  • Finally, I have to taste it.
  • If it tastes fine, then I may safely proceed.
  • If it does not, I have to start over and quickly. For the hungry and the queasy do not wait.

More than once, I’ve had to choke something down or opt for another food because partway through this process the idea of what I was about to have fell apart. So when I have a craving the first question Adam asks is, “Is it a hankering? Or a craving?” Then we need to determine if I still feel the same when it’s actually time to eat.

I can be partway through a meal and my stomach decides enough is enough. It not only tastes “bad,” but it actually tastes “repulsive.” Dear fried chicken this is why we broke up early on.


Nah, I can skip those now. I’ve had a lifelong sweet tooth. Particularly chocolate. A love/hate relationship like any other woman. I can skip it now and not feel the pressure to just have one bite. When I eat it, sometimes it tastes to sweet. Who is this person?!

Gummi candy I still like, but it’s not a must for me to thrive. However, the more sour, the better (this especially because of the constant queasiness.)

Celebrating with a bucket of sweets, there is yogurt somewhere in the bottom.


Sweet Jesus bring on the sour! I cannot get enough of it. This time around it’s all about the balsamic, “hello caprese salad!” “Heck, just pour it in a cup so I can drink it.” Yes, I’ve read conflicting reports about balsamic vinegar and pregnancy safety, but I am happy to report that my particular stash is California compliant (apparently that’s a big deal on the west coast.) I don’t care, it’s sour, that is all that should matter. sour.sour.sour.sour.sour…..

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 1.13.04 PM


Not really, it’s kinda gross. Chicken my go-to meat is no longer, red meat? Oh yes, bring on the steak. Since when?!

I am looking forward to the second trimester which will include less of the constant-jet-lagged feeling I have been navigating for the last 8 weeks. This might also loosen some of my must-have-it-right-nows. I hope it allows me to return to a semi healthy diet, you know where all of the food groups are enjoyed and I don’t feel like I need to eat my weight in cheddar and sour cream chips (which by the way, no longer sound good. Broke up with those during the holidays.)

Will this new kiddo be a picky eater like our Henry? Will he or she have some other food quirks? Is this pregnancy already telling me some things? I think it’s too early to tell. But if you will excuse me I have to find something sour to eat.


2 thoughts on “I’ve temporarily inherited the appetite of a toddler.

  1. Henry is a picky eater? Since when????

    also, my second pregnancy, I could not DEAL with chicken. Or curry. Just being put in that mindset puts me back into a bad place and makes my stomach hurt. Only 6 months to go right?

    • He is ever so picky, because unlike the average kid he doesn’t like mac and cheese, he hates chicken and therefore chicken nuggets. He loves baked beans (another pregnancy smell no-no), he’ll eat a bowl of guacamole but he won’t eat a quesadilla. He loves the pepperoni off his pizza, but not the cheese. It’s like he’s not my kid, well, we do have a sweet tooth, so there’s that. 🙂 And yes, six more months of “winter.” lol

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